Don't Allow A Hailstorm Hurt Your Vegetable Garden

26 Jun 2018 09:51

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You may have a wonderful garden that you put your heart in but it could be ruined in a moment from the weather. There isn't anything that can be done to prevent the next thunderstorm from happening, and many a garden has been wrecked because of that. Without any weather, this world would be a rather desolate place, considering that the rain, and other forms of moisture is needed as much as the sunshine.

Imagine all of the places that never get any rain at all, and the gardens that are not able to grow there. But it could be demoralizing to put your entire effort in a garden only to have it wiped out by a violent hailstorm. Any time it rains to begin with, it's not necessary to worry too much about watering your plants yourself. Your very first thought is specifically how good that natural rain water is going to be for your plants that are thirsty, but that all changes when you see it turn into ice. That sinking feeling is undeniable particularly after your garden is wiped out completely after a short ten minute hailstorm.

The only option for you would be to take measures to protect your garden from such a storm. One method of protection is to use a wire mesh screen that you can rollout and cover your garden when it starts to rain. The guard allows water to flow through to the plants while filtering the hail that's falling. Even so, it is usually expensive to put together and it is not easy to build. In the event your garden hasn't been damaged by hail yet, you may want to set up something like this if possible.

Maybe it is too late, and the deterioration has already taken place, and you are looking for a way to recover your plants. There isn't very much you can do except to be deliberate and patient in caring for your plants. It will be tough to tell, if your plants are going to survive once they have been damaged so badly by the hail. At least, you should cover them if you expect to have more bad weather to come. Before you ever begin planning your garden, you probably know how frequent hail storms are in your area. For this reason, you will need an emergency method to protect your plants. Even if it does not happen frequently, you need to be prepared.

It merely requires just one hailstorm to destroy all the labor you put in. It is best to take a precautionary approach whether or not it may never happen to you. Because of the work you put into your back garden, you wouldn't want it to go to waste.

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